The Faerie Queen, The Shepheards Calendar Together with Other Works, by Spenser, Edmund.  Printed by H. L. for Mathew Lownes, London, 1611. Condition: Fair

Originally published in 1590-96, this 1611 folio volume of Spenser's Faerie Queen is bound together with The Shepheards Calendar, Mother Hubbard, and other works by Spenser. This is a rare copy of one of the most famous literary works in existence. The book is rebound in marble boards which show significant wear. The spine and hinges are old leather in fair condition, given that this book is more than 400 years old.  Front hinge looser than rear, 1/2 inch piece of leather missing at top of spine, not affecting title. The original title page and two subsequent pages (Dedication and T-P of of the First Book of the Faerie Queen) are on a different thickness and size of paper and have faded considerably.  According to published information, the original publisher placed a new title page and dedication on extra copies of the first book when this folio edition was created, so these pages may in be originals. Copies of the folio edition in the Cambridge and Huntington libraries are missing this title page, or it has been replaced by a photostat, and we are uncertain as to the authenticity of the title page and dedication in this copy.  The remainder of the first book of the Faerie Queen, and all of the second and third books of the first part appear complete. As indicated by published Issue Points, this folio edition appears to be authentic.  The title page of the second part (books 4-6) is dated 1612. Pages 296-298 of book six are erroneously titled as book six, corrected in script. Included in this folio volume are Spenser's Colin Clouts Come Home Again (with the date misprinted on the frontispiece as 16012), Prothalamion (dated 1617), Amoretti and Epithalamion (1617), Foure Hymes (1617), An Eligie Upon the Death of the Noble and Virtuous Douglas Howard (1617), The Ruines of Time, Tears of the Muses (1617), Virgils Gnat, The Ruines of Rome, The Fate of the Butterfly, Visions of the Worlds Vanitie, Prosopopoia (Mother Hubbard's Tale, 1612), The Shepheards Calender (1617), with the next to last page (54) appearing to be a different type of paper, similar to the title page of the Faerie Queen. With significant numbers of edits, notes, and corrections in old script. On the inside cover a previous owner has written in pencil: 'The second collected edition' and notes about the two copies of the book in the British Museum. On the spine is written '1611-1612' in ink, above gilt printing stating 'London 1617'.  Publisher:  Printed by H. L. for Mathew Lownes, London. Condition: Fair. Year: 1611-1617.