Recent Additions to Our Bookshop - Old and Rare Books (1556-1796)

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#8001. Annales sex Regum Angliae, and Annalium Continuatio (2 volumes, both FIRST EDITIONS). Author: Trivet, Nicholas (Triveti, Nicolai). Description: First Edition. Annales sex Regum Angliae. Oxonii, E theatro Sheldoniano, 1719. Including First Edition of the second volume Annalium Continuatio: UT Et Adami Murimuthensis Chronicon. Oxonii: E. Theatro Sheldoniano, 1722. Both volumes leather bound with raised bands to spines, some corner bumping and cover wear, gilt title on spine of volume 1 is worn off, gilt title of volume 2 has scratch but very readable. Hinges of both volumes have some fraying but still strong. Stains on outer and inner covers, some foxing. Inside front cover of both volumes is handwritten 'N Num 35' in old script lettering. Vol. 1 also has pencil writing inside front cover. Publisher: Oxonii E theatro Sheldoniano. Condition: Very Good. Year: 1719.

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#8006. Precious relics; or the tragedy of Vortigern rehearsed. A dramatic piece. In two acts. Written in imitation of The critic. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. Author: Oulton, Walley Chamberlain. Description: This 1796 copy of Precious Relics has been rebound in green and black cloth, with colored endpapers at the front and back. Prior owner’s bookplate (Joseph Parker Norris-possibly the noted Shakespearean scholar and author) is on inside of front cover. Minor tear starting at top and bottom of spine. There is minor foxing to the text block and original endpapers. This play by Oulton was written as a satire of the great controversy of the time (1794-1796) that was caused by Samuel Ireland's purported discovery of unpublished works by William Shakespeare, works that many prominent authors took as real but were ultimately discovered to be forgeries by Ireland and his son. Precious Relics has to do with the invented Shakespearean play, Vortigern and Rowena, which was nearly produced in London until Shakespearean scholars, including the noted Edmond Malone, exposed the deception. Publisher: Printed for Debret, Hookham, and Clarke; White and Owen; Lee; Murray; Crosby; and Symonds, London, England. Condition: Very Good. Year: 1796.

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SOLD #8008. The Divine Weeks and Works of Guillaume de Salluste du Bartas, The first weeke: or birth of the world. Author: du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste. Description:  Over 400 years old in a sturdy leather binding with blind stamped decorations. Translated by Josuah Sylvester, this 1605 folio edition contains The Divine Weeks and Works (715 pp), together with Sylvester’s Posthumous Bartas: The Third Day of His Second Week (154 pp).  After the title page, there are Inscripto and Corona Dedicatoria sections, including 11 pages showing vertical columns with Muse names, a page cataloging the order of the Bookes, a triangular dedication to Sydney, followed by 11 pages of additional dedications and commendations.  Pages 1-270 consist of the First Week, pages 271-498 are the Second Week, and pages 499-715 are The Fragments.  This is followed by Sylvester’s 1606 Posthumus Bartas I (The Third Day of His Second Week), consisting of the four sections entitled The Vocation, The Fathers, The Laws, and The Captain, totaling 154 pp. The last 2 pages of The Captain appear to be on thinner paper, using a different font (italics w wider kerning, see the left and right pages shown in photo 5 for comparison of fonts, and also final page of book, photo 6). Scuffing and some wear at edges. Strong binding and tight hinges. Raised bars on spine with stamped decorations. Old English writing on front and back end papers. Small tear on front end paper. Some staining and bleed through inside. A few turned corners. Translated by Josuah Sylvester. Publisher: Humfrey Lownes, London, England. Condition: Very Good. Year: 1605. (MORE PHOTOS.)

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SOLD #8014. The Faerie Queen, The Shepheards Calendar Together with Other Works. Author: Spenser, Edmund. Description:  Originally published in 1590-96, this 1611 folio volume of Spenser's Faerie Queen is bound together with The Shepheards Calendar, Mother Hubbard, and other works by Spenser. This is a rare copy of one of the most famous literary works in existence. The book is rebound in marble boards which show significant wear. The spine and hinges are old leather in fair condition, given that this book is more than 400 years old.  Front hinge looser than rear, 1/2 inch piece of leather missing at top of spine, not affecting title. The original title page and two subsequent pages (Dedication and T-P of of the First Book of the Faerie Queen) are on a different thickness and size of paper and have faded considerably.  According to published information, the original publisher placed a new title page and dedication on extra copies of the first book when this folio edition was created, so these pages may in be originals. Copies of the folio edition in the Cambridge and Huntington libraries are missing this title page, or it has been replaced by a photostat, and we are uncertain as to the authenticity of the title page and dedication in this copy.  The remainder of the first book of the Faerie Queen, and all of the second and third books of the first part appear complete. As indicated by published Issue Points, this folio edition appears to be authentic.  The title page of the second part (books 4-6) is dated 1612. Pages 296-298 of book six are erroneously titled as book six, corrected in script. Included in this folio volume are Spenser's Colin Clouts Come Home Again (with the date misprinted on the frontispiece as 16012), Prothalamion (dated 1617), Amoretti and Epithalamion (1617), Foure Hymes (1617), An Eligie Upon the Death of the Noble and Virtuous Douglas Howard (1617), The Ruines of Time, Tears of the Muses (1617), Virgils Gnat, The Ruines of Rome, The Fate of the Butterfly, Visions of the Worlds Vanitie, Prosopopoia (Mother Hubbard's Tale, 1612), The Shepheards Calender (1617), with the next to last page (54) appearing to be a different type of paper, similar to the title page of the Faerie Queen. With significant numbers of edits, notes, and corrections in old script. On the inside cover a previous owner has written in pencil: 'The second collected edition' and notes about the two copies of the book in the British Museum. On the spine is written '1611-1612' in ink, above gilt printing stating 'London 1617'.  Publisher:  Printed by H. L. for Mathew Lownes, London. Condition: Fair. Year: 1611-1617. (MORE PHOTOS.)

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#8017. Libro Primo Delle Lettere Dell’Ill. S. Don Antonio di Guevara, Vescovo di Modognetto, Predicator, Chronista, et consigliero della Maesta Cesarea, Tradotte dal S. Dominico di Catzelu. Author: Guevara, Antonio. Description:  This extremely rare work of early Italian literature, more than 450 years old, is vellum-bound in what appears to be the original binding. Raised bands to the spine, partially-broken front hinge is 1/2 detached, hand lettering of the title on the spine, staining and minor foxing to text block, several small script notes in text. Edges of both front and back covers are bent. Written by the Spanish author and moralist Don Antonio de Guevara (1481-1545) and translated into Italian by Dominico di Catzelu. Publisher: Domenico De Farri, Venice, Italy. Condition: Fair. Year: 1556.

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#8019. La Secchia Rapita. Poema Eroicomico. Vol. I, II. (FIRST EDITION). Author: Tassoni, Alessandro. Description:  First Edition. 1766. La Secchia Rapita. Poema Eroicomico. Engraved title pages, 12 plates after Gravelot by Duclos, Nee, Pasquier, Rousseau and others, 12 head and 12 tail-pieces, after and by Huet and Marillier. Complete in 2 vols. 8 vo, mottled calf, gilt page edges on all sides, bindings rubbed at corners and edges. Some wear on spine and hinges, starting to go. Interior is very clean with little staining. Pencil writing on inside front edge paper. Printed catalog description affixed to inside front edge paper. Autograph signature on fly-leaf of 'E. H. Bunbury, December, 1832.' Sir Henry Edward Bunbury (1778-1860), soldier and historian, conveyed to Napoleon his sentence of deportation to St. Helena in 1815. Bunbury was the author of several historical works of value, the most notable being his military memoirs 'Narratives of Some Passages in the Great War with France.' Publisher: Appresso Prault et Durand, Paris, France. Condition: Very Good. Year: 1766.

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#8021. Imagines Deorum, Qui Ab Antiquis Colebantur: In Quibius Silulacra, Ritus, Caerimoniaw, Magnaq(Ue) Ex Parte Veterum Religio Explicatur. (FIRST EDITION). Author: Cartari, Vincenzo (Chartarius, Vincentius). Description:  First Edition. Leather-bound First Edition of Latin translation with original woodcuts. Some wear, chipping and bumping to front and back leather covers and spine. Front cover detached; back cover nearly detached. Browning and minor staining to endpapers, very little foxing. Ink writing on inside of front cover. Pencil writing on front end paper. Condition: Good. Year: 1581.

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#8022. Poems on Several Occasions (FIRST EDITION). Author: Cotton, Charles. Description:  First Edition. Front board attached only in small area and has missing section at bottom right, several scratches, leather on spine flaking at top, front/back/spine all show considerable wear. Title page has stain at bottom right and 'Wakefield' in script and a date under the title. Wakefield in script appears on the page facing the Table of Contents. Bookplate with Coat of Arms of William Harrison appears on inside of front cover with ghosting of it on facing page. Former owner of this volume may have been the William Harrison who was the first Mayor of Wakefield, England, in 1848. Mis-paginations appear towards the back; the two pages following p. 719 have parts torn away. Some discoloration and foxing throughout. Publisher: Printed for Tho. Bassett, at the George in Fleet-Street; Will. Hensman and Tho. Fox, in Westminster-Hall, London, England. Condition: Good. Year: 1689.

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#8027. The Two Bookes of Sir Francis Bacon of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane. Author: Bacon, Sir Francis. Description:  Leather-bound with considerable wear to hinges,with front cover fairly strong and intact, but rear cover partially separated at top and bottom. Gilt title and designs on spine in good condition. Leather on spine torn at bottom and top. Brown staining to front and back endpapers and title page and some pages throughout book. Minor foxing. Pages with minor rippling. Pencil marks on back end paper and small ink crossout. Owner's bookplate inside front cover is of John Lord Sheffield who owned Sheffield Place in Sussex beginning in 1769. Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was a philosopher and scientist perhaps best known as the founder of the Scientific Method. In these two books, written as letters to King James, Bacon cites the reasons for advancement of human learning, from the divine, human, and natural viewpoints. The original version of this work was first published in 1590; this copy is the Third Edition. Publisher: I.L Pointer, Oxford, England. Condition: Very Good. Year: 1633.

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#8029. Il Pastor Fido, Tragicomedia Pastorale. Author: Guarini, Giovanni Battista. Description:  Marbleboard rebound copy of Il Pastor Fido was published in 1621, between the time the First Edition was published in 1590 and the first English translation was made in 1640. Pencil writing on inside cover by previous owner states that this is the Fourth Edition, unable to verify. Some brown staining and foxing on pages. Edges are bumped and chipped. Binding and hinges are strong and in good condition, with some wear to top and bottom of spine.   Publisher: Venedig Ciotti, Venice, Italy. Condition: Very Good. Year: 1621.

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#8034. The Essayes or Counsels Civill and Morall of Francis Lo Verulam Viscount St. Alban. Author: Bacon,Sir  Francis. Description:  Leather-bound Third Edition of this famous work by Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), one of the most famous English philosophers, scientists, and authors. Some scarring to the leather covers, more so on the back, minor corner bumping and less minor hinge wear, with raised bands on spine receiving more age wear than rest of spine. Two holes appear at right edge of front cover and left edge of back cover. Inscribed on first endpaper by previous owner, dated 1669, and in small script by another owner on second endpaper and title page. Some ghosting to front and back endpapers, minor foxing and rippling on text block pages. Overall, a very clean copy of this important work by Bacon. Publisher: Printed by John Haviland in the Little Old Bayly, London, England. Condition: Good. Year: 1632.

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#8036. Reliquie Wottoniane, or a Collection of Lives, Letters, Poems, With Characters of Sundry Personages and Other Incomparable Pieces of Language and Art. Also Additional Letters of Several Persons Not Before Printed. Author: Wotton, Sir Henry. Description:  Leather bound edition of Wotton's work covers diverse topics, including an early version of a poem later cited in the Compleate Angler, letters from various dignitaries of the times such as the Dukes of Buckingham and Venice, various poems, discussions of education, Christmas, and what is said to be the first discussion of Architecture ever printed in English. With a woodcut portrait on the title-facing page and other woodcuts following pages 111 and 204. Ghosting and wrinkling to external endpapers, bumped and chipped corners, worn but serviceable hinges both front and back, with front hinge starting to go at top and bottom. Title label on spine is loose. Ink note on front end page and inside front cover. Minor foxing and browning of page edges throughout. Publisher: T. Roycroft, For R. Marriott, F. Tyton, T. Collins and J. Ford, London, England. Condition: Fair Plus. Year: 1672.

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SOLD #8037. Resolves, A Duple Century (THIRD EDITION). Author: Fellthamm, Owen. Description:  Nearly 400 years old, the third edition of this book of essays by Fellthamm was written when he was just 18 years old. Leather binding with embossed lines on the covers, gilt/red titles on the spine, page edges red. Opposite the title page there is a printing of 'The Face of The Booke Unmasked'. The title page is engraved, stating that this book was 'Imprinted for Henry Seile and are to be sould at Tygers Head in St. Paules Churchyard, London 1628'. The text block is clean with no fading, little browing, minor rippling. There is minor underlining and one margin note, largely confined to pages 108 through 111. There is a page numbering error, with the number 108 being used twice, although the text itself is not repeated. Minor corner bumping, medium spine bumping and wear, and weakening to both hinges. On the inside of the front cover, for unknown reasons, is a pasted copy of the title page from Kalendarium Humanae Vitae, The Kalender of Mans Life by Roberto Farlaeo Scoto Britanio, 1638. Above this engraved page is pencil writing stating that this is the third edition of the book, the first edition with all volumes combined into one. On the inside rear cover there is additional pencil writing, partially erased, about rebacking of the book. Imprinted for Henry Seile, London, England. Condition: Good. Year: 1628.

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#8051. Polybii Megalopolitani Historiarum Libri priores quinque, Nicolao Perotto Sipontino Interprete. Author: Polybius; Wolfgang Musculus; Nicolaus Perottus. Description:  Well-preserved, leather-bound copy of this 450 year-old work in Latin. Blind stamping of design on leather front and back covers, with raised bands on spine and covers and hinges in very good condition. Ink writing on inside front cover. Corners are bumped and chipped. Covers have some small tears in leather that may have been repaired. 860 pages with 40 page index at back, woodcut print on title page and last page. Minor script notes and underlining in text, and corrections to index. Minor browning, discoloration and foxing throughout. Some water staining to title page and next 30 pages as well. The few copies of this rare early work that are known to exist are largely found in renowned libraries such as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. Publisher: Episcopium Iuniorem, Basileae. Condition: Very Good. Year: 1557.

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#8058. Religio Medici, The Sixth Edition, Corrected and Amended with Notations. Author: Browne, Sir Thomas. Description:  Leather-bound with gilt and red title plate to spine. Includes Annotations Never Before Published and Observations by Sir Kenolm Digby, Now Newly Added. Good hinges, covers showing some wear, chipping and bumping to corners and edges. With notes in pencil inside front cover describing various editions and printings, some pencil checkmarks in the margins of main text. Very small piece of upper right corner of title page (1/4 inch) is torn off, with small name of previous owner printed adjacent. Some browning to text block, title page, inside front and back covers, and end pages. Publisher: Ja. Cotterel for Andrew Crook, London, England. Condition: Good. Year: 1669.